How to Remove Liver Spots and Skin Spots

Liver spots on the face, hands or other skin areas that are frequently exposed to sunlight can be upsetting. Liver spots on skin are blemishes that are associated with aging and a reduction in the skin’s natural rejuvenation processes. They actually have nothing to do with the liver. But at one time they were thought to appear due to dysfunction in that organ, so the tag “liver spots”. Many people that have them want to know how or if they can be removed. That’s what you can learn about in this article.,Questionable Medical Treatments,There are medical treatments for liver spots on face and other areas that include cryotherapy or freezing the cells and treatment with lasers. As these treatments are expensive, painful and not always effective, we need desirable alternatives.,Dermatologists commonly recommend creams that contain hydroquinone for reducing liver spots on skin, but the use of this substance has been banned in some countries, because of an increased cancer risk. Most of the creams in the US still contain it. The compound can do more harm than good, because so people have a serious allergic reaction that makes them look even worse and requires medical treatment.,Safest Liver Spot Treatment,The safest and most effective solution for liver spots on skin is called “EXTRAPONE”. The active ingredient is extracted from the root of a traditional medicinal plant called cyperus rotundus, commonly called nut sedge or coco-grass. Scientists have evaluated numerous traditional medicines over the years. It was originally found that compounds in the root had anti-inflammatory activity and creams containing it were used to reduce inflammation or relieve irritation.,Later, it was found that the extract could also safely be used to fade liver spots on face. It works by inhibiting the production of melanin, the compound responsible for color variations on the skin’s surface.,Two Important Ingredients That Work,Since melanin is the skin’s natural protection against sun and UV damage, the use of EXTRAPONE should be accompanied by limiting exposure to sunlight. In order to obtain even lightening, the creams are to be applied all over the face. Of course, the other ingredients must be non-irritating, as well.,Inhibiting melanin production is important, but in order to get the fastest reduction of liver spots on skin and reduce the other signs of aging, you need an ingredient that stimulates the natural cell rejuvenation processes and gets them going again. The ingredient that has been shown to do that in clinical studies is called CYNERGY TK. It contains a natural protein that makes up over 90% of the skin’s outer layers.,Other creams for reducing liver spots on face can cause inflammation. EXTRAPONE and CYNERGY TK reduce inflammation. That’s important, because inflammation in the tissues, damages the adjoining collagen fibers.,The bottom line is that liver spots on skin can be removed, without doing more damage to your skin’s health and appearance. So, there’s no longer any need to be upset by the appearance of liver spots on face. You can take action against them. For more information on liver spots, brown age spots etc. please see my website. – Margaret Bell