How to Choose the Correct Color Eyeliner to Match your Eye Color

Many women believe that eyeliner and eye shadow are the best parts of their makeup experience. Much can be done with the eyes that the possibilities are often limitless. You can make your eyes dramatic and bold for a night out on the town or subdued and sexy for a day at the office. Eye makeup can also bring out your own natural beauty. The choice is really up to you.,Although the possibilities are seemingly endless, many women want to learn how to obtain a natural look by choosing the correct color eyeliner. The ideal look that most women strive to obtain is one that looks as if you are not wearing any makeup at all. Eye makeup often requires more skill than the rest of the face, so these tips for applying eyeliner and choosing the best color should help.,Your Natural Coloring – Hair, Eyes, and Skin,When choosing your eyeliner, you should take into consideration the color of your eyes. Eyeliner is meant to add depth to your eyes and it should help define your lash line. These are the main reasons why the color you choose is important.,The main rule to follow is not to choose a color that takes away from the natural beauty of your eye color. For example, if you have blue eyes, you should not consider wearing a blue eyeliner or eye shadow that is more intense than the blue of your eyes. Eyeliner is supposed to make your eyes stand out, but you do not want people to notice your eyeliner instead of your eyes.,One exception to this rule is people with brown eyes. People with brown eyes can wear any color eyeliner or eye shadow that they want.,The color of your hair and skin also play a role in selecting the ideal color of eyeliner and eye shadow. If you have a cool skin undertone, you have more of a blue base to your skin. People with warm undertones have more of a yellow base, which help you choose the color eyeliner that looks great on your skin.,People with Blue Eyes,If you have blue eyes, your best bet is to choose brown or bronze eyeliner. This can help enhance and bring out the natural blue of your eyes. You may also try the classic colors that include taupe, gray, purple, violet, deep blue (make sure that it is a shade darker than your eye color), and black mixed with bright blue for shadow. These color schemes work especially well with the shadows.,People with Green & Hazel Eyes,The ideal eyeliner color for people with green eyes is purple or brown. The purple eyeliner can really enhance and bring out the green of the eyes. Hazel eyes have a little more leeway when it comes to choosing an eyeliner color. Because there is so much gold and brown in the eye, purple, bronze, brown, and gold colored eyeliner and eye shadow are ideal.,People with Brown Eyes,It is known that people with brown eyes have many options. They can get away with any color eyeliner they want and still look great. The tried and true colors for eyeliners and shadows include copper, bronze, champagne, khaki-green, and beige.,Tried & True for Everyone,Navy and charcoal always work to define the eyes. Powder blue is also a great way to highlight any eye color. For a little fun and funk, sparkly silver give girls an extra edge. These colors work great for any color eyes and they can accent your eyes nicely making you look great.,Application Tips,When applying eyeliner, it is easy to get nervous. Just remember to hold your eyelid skin taut with your fingertips as you draw a fine line across the lash line. It is best to keep your hand steady as you do this. If you want to add a smoky look to the eyeliner, simply smudge the edge of the line you have just drawn. You can use your fingertip or a cotton swab.,To brighten your eyes, avoid lining the inner lower lid with the color you used on top. Instead, use a flesh colored eyeliner that brings out the whites of your eyes while accenting any makeup above. This is an excellent option to consider if you are planning to have photographs taken.,Applying eyeliner does not have to be a stressful aspect of applying your makeup. In fact, once you have learned the basics, it is not difficult to choose the right color makeup to match your eyes. Utilizing these tips can also help you understand how to properly match your skin tone with cosmetics that really provide that accent you have always wanted.