Anti Aging Skin Care Products: Where is the Best Source?

The best source of anti aging skin care products is not high end departments store. Neither is it the corner drug store or over the counter. Where is the best source? Keep reading to find out and also why some skin care products range from cheap to expensive.,The question is: Why do so many companies manufacture a skin care product that does a poor job, if it works at all? Why do so many women keep switching anti aging skin care products?,Big Department Store Hype,We often pay too much for inferior products just because it has a popular name on it. Often we find skin care sections right at the main entrance of large stores offering free makeovers. Actually they should be called ‘do overs’. Because you have to do it over at home. And the cost sends quivers through your credit card.,Why it the Cost So High?,The cost of running a store, big or small, eats up a lot of profit. To stay in business a company must make a profit. Store overhead and advertising often dictates the price of a product.,A few companies turn out fairly good products but must charge a very large price to do it. The reason is, as mentioned, advertising, employee costs, taxes, etc. etc. If a company tries to offer a decent price, they may get a lot of sales but often pull the product. Or raise the price so high that sales drop off dramatically. The cost of ingredients and the cost of overhead determine the price tag.,Promoting a Product is Expensive,Products must be promoted or advertised so the public will know it exists. This is expensive. The price must be acceptable by the consumer or no sales. What happens is research and development dollars are shifted to the advertising department. As a rule, there goes the product quality.,Anti Aging Skin Care Product Formula,It is no secret among skin care companies as to what ingredients are needed to make an effective product. Usually only a small amount of these ingredients ever make their way into most skin care products. The ones listed on the label have so small amount that they may as well put in whipping cream or some other filler. They do just that, not the whipping cream but other ingredients that just take up volume. So what should be in the skin care product?,What a Quality Anti Aging Product Should Have,The concentration of ingredients that work should be about 50% of the total product. This will make the product effective and do what it should.,However, what you will usually find in most anti aging skin care products as the main ingredient is: purified water. Add parabens (a potentially dangerous perservative), some coloring, nice smelling fragrances and you have an effective glob of gunk. Read the label of every skin care product that you are thinking of buying.,High End Department Stores-Not the Best Source,If the expensive department stores are not the best place to find safe and effective skin care products, then where is? Not the corner drug store either. Surprisingly, the Internet has some pretty good skin care product companies. What is nice about buying online is that the price is usually fair because the overhead and advertising hasn’t jacked up the price.,Some of these companies understand what a healthy body should have. Many carry in addition to skin care products a high quality line of nutritional supplements that I find are even better than what the health store may have.,What Ingredients Work,Ingredients such as CoQ10, Wakame seaweed, grape seed oil, natural vitamin E and a new ingredient that I highly recommend, Cynergy TK. I found all of these ingredients and more in just one company during my research. For more information see my website. Thanks, Margaret Bell