What Causes Dark Under Eye Circles?

Dark under eye circles is an unsightly skin condition that makes you look older than you actually are. It can affect your overall appearance and can make you look tired and unhealthy most of the time.,People with dark eye bags tend to feel insecure about themselves because of the unsightly appearance the dark circles cause. While there are loads of products out there that promise to produce wonders for the eyes, it’s best to first understand the real causes of dark under eye circles in order to effectively eliminate and fight off the problem.,What do really cause dark circles under eyes? One’s circulatory system can contribute to the appearance of dark under eye circles. As the blood circulates around the body and passes through blood vessels and capillaries, continuous blood flow may be hindered due to the capillaries’ tiny circumference. If this happens, the added pressure will cause the blood to leak from the capillaries and pass through them. The blood that circulates through the blood vessels settles around the eye area, resulting in a blood fragment buildup. Such buildup is what you see as dark circles. Such eye bags become more prominent because of the thinness of the under eye skin.,The leaking of the blood vessels is a normal occurrence in the body. The body has its own way of dealing with such leakage and clearing out the blood fragments. But aside from such problem in the circulatory system, there are other factors that cause unsightly eye bags. Among these are deficiency disease and unhealthy sleeping habits. Not having proper nutrition can make your immune system vulnerable to various diseases and contribute to your body’s difficulty of reversing various processes and recovering from certain problems such as dark eye circles.,There are different products and treatments designed to remove dark circles. But while such products can help minimize the sight of eye bags and eye puffiness, it’s better to attack the root cause of the problem to effectively eliminate it.,It all boils down to adopting a healthy lifestyle – eating a well-balanced meal, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly and more. For better and lasting results, you can top off your healthy lifestyle and habits with the use of an effective eye cream with the right ingredients that can dramatically improve the way your eyes look. This way, you can have beautiful eyes free from ugly under eye circles you’ve always been dreaming of.