Skin Lightening Cream for Age Spots That Really Works

Finally, a new skin lightening cream that works amazingly well on age spots, liver spots and blemishes on skin. It is absolutely safe and effective. Damage that occurs when you’re older is more likely to be permanent damage. My goal, with this article, is to help you understand how to improve your skin’s appearance, while protecting its health and reducing your risk of cancer.,Age Spots & Sun Exposure,It is commonly accepted that age spots are caused by overexposure to the sun. The body normally produces melanin in response to exposure to sunlight and the result is a tan. Overexposure causes burning. An outer layer of cells peels off as a result of the burn and new cells, usually with more melanin, take their place.,Vitamin D Necessity,When you pass 40, your skin’s natural regenerative processes slow down. Fewer new cells are produced. Sun exposure often causes the appearance of age spots, rather than an overall tan. If a burn occurs, it takes longer to heal. But, a few minutes of exposure everyday is necessary to prevent vitamin D deficiency.,Researchers have found that an increased rate of various forms of cancer caused by insufficient intake of vitamin D. If you avoid the sun all together, you should take a supplement that contains vitamin D3, every day.,Limit Sun Exposure,A skin lightening cream increases your sensitivity to sunlight and increases your risk of burning. If you are used to spending quite a bit of time outdoors, you’ll need to severely limit that exposure. When you do go out, use a zinc oxide sun block on exposed areas, particularly your face. Zinc oxide is not one of the creams that are absorbed by the skin. The ones that are reduce your risk of burning, but increase your risk of cancer, because they cause free radical production within the skin’s cells. Free radical damage to DNA is the underlying cause of various types of cancer.,The only safe and effective skin lightening cream is one that contains extracts from the nut grass root. It is a medicinal root that has been used for centuries. Scientists recently prepared a formulation that reduced irritation caused by injuries or allergies and learned that the formula would also lighten age spots. It works by inhibiting melanin production.,Skin Lightening Cream That is Safe & Works,By adding it to a form of bioactive keratin, researchers were able to produce a skin lightening cream that also speeds up the cell turnover rate; more new cells containing less melanin are produced, resulting in a reduction in age spots and more even pigmentation.,By also including a form of coenzyme Q10 that is readily absorbed by the skin’s cells, the creams repair damage done by free radicals over the years and prevent further damage from occurring. So, now you know what to look for in a skin lightening cream. You won’t find it in your local drugstore, but you can order it online. For more information see my website. -Margaret Bell