Do Natural Wrinkle Remedies Really Work?

Do natural wrinkle remedies really work? Some do, most don’t. The Natural Wrinkle Cure is NOT Keratin. This is what many cosmetic companies would like you to believe. Let me clarify this. Keratin is needed to promote skin cell growth. But keratin must be from the right source or it won’t work. So what is the right source? What is the correct “keratin”?,For one thing botox injections seem to work if you keep getting them. Many companies claim to have keratin in their skin care product and probably do. Mayonnaise, shaving cream or horseradish may even work better. Keratin must be from the right source to be effective. Synthetic keratin is not natural and it does not work. It is a waste of money. Don’t fall for the false promises.,Watch Out for Phoney Claims,Finding a truly effective wrinkle cure that is safe and really natural is very hard. That’s because very few exist. I have only found one such product in all my research. Hopefully there will be more in the future. So if keratin as a cure is false than what is the true natural wrinkle cure skin care product.,The Skin Wrinkle Cure,Keratin is not the cure but let me clarify this. Yes the body needs keratin but not keratin that is synthetic or from a source that doesn’t work. The only “keratin” that really is effective is: Functional Keratin. Companies promote keratin as being in their skin product but even if it is it won’t do the skin any good. Here’s why.,Functional keratin is an ingredient that has been taken from a natural source: sheep’s wool. It is a natural protein and the body will use it to encourage new skin cell growth. This is how it does it.,New Skin Growth is Needed,Functional keratin causes the development of an increased amount of skin cells. Studies have verified this. Several such group studies returned results of the increase of new skin cells upwards of 160 increase in firming of the skin was a volunteer study result. When skin is naturally firmed, not artificially nor temporarily stretched, a decrease in sagging and wrinkly skin happens. And you get comments that you may have not had for some time.,So why does this functional keratin work so well. This is because, among other things, it acts like an anti-oxidant which fights free radical damage. Dermatologists are in agreement that as skin cells get older more free radicals are present. So more antioxidants are needed.,Getting the correct amount of essential nutrients in our body is necessary to prevent free radical damage. If our body and our skin do not receive these nutrients then wrinkled and baggy skin comes.,Obviously to prevent skin damage Functional Keratin must be in our skin care product. Remember not just ‘keratin’ but Functional Keratin. But where do we find Functional Keratin? For more information please see my website. – Margaret Bell,Please visit for Margaret’s recommended source of Functional Keratin that works for men and women. A free Health Newsletter is available.