Popular Hair Loss Treatments for Women #2: Hair Loss Concealers

Popular Hair Loss Treatments for Women: Hair loss Concealers.,Concealers are nothing new for women. Concealers for the skin, otherwise known as make up, has been in existence since before Cleopatra to cover up a multitude of blemishes. However, the invention of hair loss concealers for thinning hair is a relatively new. They are a marvelous invention – simple and easy to use and extremely quick. In less than a minute you can go from having the appearance of thinning ‘see through’ hair to thick hair. The results are very natural.,History of hair loss Concealers.,Hollywood makeup artists from decades ago used a very neat trick to make the aging and thinning Hollywood leading man and screen siren look years younger and have thicker hair. After the stylist had trimmed the hair of the actor, they would collect the hair off the floor and finely chop it with a chefs knife the hair into microscopic particles. This hair would then be sprinkled through the actor’s own hair, which would cover the scalp and also cling to the actors own hair, making their hair appear thicker – in a matter of moments.,The ‘sprinkled’ hair would then be locked into place with some hair spray or lacquer. It worked very well for the purposes of the camera and photo shoots and keeping the actors hair loss condition, or thin and fine hair a complete secret to the rest of the populace.,Hair loss Concealers today.,Today this boutique process has been successfully commercialized so to the benefit of the general public. The modern day hair loss concealer isn’t collected off salon floors; rather, they are made from either from wool (natural keratin), rayon (synthetic fiber) and cotton. These materials are dyed into various different hair colors and then cut cut into tiny particles. The delivery mechanism of these fibers is similar to that of a saltshaker. Typically, a small bottle with small openings at the end, just large enough to allow the hair fibers to trickle out like a dust. Applying the ‘hair’ fibers is simple. Shake the fibers over the area needing a thicker look, pat them into place, even a light comb or brush and ‘voila!’. You have thicker looking hair!,Which Hair loss concealers are the best?,Typically the more expensive hair brands use the natural keratin or wool hair fibers. Natural keratin fibers are often the best because they are a natural product and are less likely to cause irritation to the scalp. Some people find that the synthetic fibers create additional heat and can be itchy.,The size of the individual fibers is also very important. The coarser or larger each individual hair fiber, the less likely it is to cling to your own hair, it will merely rest on the scalp. The finer or smaller each individual hair fiber is, the more that it will statically cling to your own hair rather than just the scalp. This quality enhances the appearance of fullness of your own hair. Two brands such brands that are finely cut and use natural keratin fibers are Hairmax hair fibers and BioTHIK hair fibers.,Who should use hair loss concealers?,Everyone concerned about their thinning hair appearance! Specifically, if your hair is in the early to mid stages of hair loss, hair fibers will work fo you. Hair fibers work by statically clinging to your own hair, if you don’t have enough hair, the hair fibers will fall directly onto the scalp. It won’t make your hair look thicker, only darken your scalp. This is not the desired result. If you have reached this stage, it is time to look at alternate hair restoration and replacement options.,Good Advice.,Give it a go! Experiment! The first time you use them you will instantly see results, within thirty seconds. But the more you use it the better you will be at creating a natural result. Try different colors; mix them together if you are in between colors. Most importantly, don’t use too much of it. Sparingly, yields the best and most natural results.