Useful Tips for Applying Eyeliner

Eyeliner has been a makeup essential since at least the time of Cleopatra, but that does not mean that you should be applying the makeup style of Cleopatra in 2009. Back in the days of Cleo, applying eye liner was a tricky business. The Egyptian beauty’s only choices for eye liner were burned sticks of kohl, smudged over and under the eyelid. Today, you have many eyeliner options and the choice can get confusing. Here are some useful tips for choosing and applying eyeliner.,Picking the Right Eyeliner,The type of eyeliner you choose depends on a number of factors, including the steadiness of your hand and the overall effect that you are looking to achieve. The aim of eyeliner is to outline and emphasize your eyes. The best way to do that is with a thin line of color just above your upper lashes and just below your lower lashes. Here is a quick rundown of the different types of eyeliner and their advantages.,Cake Eyeliner,Hard cake eyeliner is one of the oldest choices for lining your eyes. It is similar to water color paints. You moisten the cake to soften it, and then apply it with a very fine-tipped brush. Cake eyeliner requires a very steady hand, but it is surprisingly versatile when you know how to use it. You can control the weight and color of the line by varying the amount of water and the stroke of the brush. On the other hand, it is more likely to flake off and leave specks on your cheeks and under your eyes.,Liquid Eyeliner,Liquid eyeliner, like cake eyeliner, is applied with a thin brush. It has many of the same advantages and disadvantages, but it is harder to apply than nearly any other type of eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner should only be applied to the top eyelids. It tends to be thicker than cake eyeliner, and takes longer to dry. That can be an irritation, since you really do need to keep your eyes closed until the eyeliner is completely dry to avoid smudging and raccoon eyes.,Eyeliner Pencil,Eyeliner pencils are the very easiest way to apply eyeliner to your eyes. They come in an amazing array of colors, and in varying thicknesses. There are self-sharpening eyeliner pencils that do not need to be sharpened by a separate pencil sharpener, as well as pencils that come in two colors – a darker one for lining your eyes and a lighter one that can be used as highlighter or eye shadow. Finally, eyeliner pencil tends to be the least expensive type of eyeliner.,For most people, eyeliner pencil is the obvious choice. It is inexpensive, easy to apply and comes in any color that might appeal to you. As easy as it is, though, there are some drawbacks. For instance, eyeliner pencils are dry and tend to pull at your skin as you draw them across your lids.,One great alternative to eyeliner pencils combines the versatility of liquid eyeliner with the easy application of an eyeliner pencil. Most liquid eyeliner pens are easy to apply and have a smooth applicator tip and the slick coverage that you only get with liquid eyeliner. Here are some tips for applying eyeliner.,To avoid spreading or picking up eye infections, do not share eyeliner pencils. Of all the eye makeup that you use, eyeliner pencils are the most likely to touch the inner surfaces of your eyes, and the most likely to break or injure the skin and allow bacteria to enter. It may be tempting to borrow a friend’s eyeliner or eye shadow pencil but do not do it because it may cause an infection. While you are thinking about safety, you should also replace your eyeliner pencil every six months or so to prevent infection – it makes a great excuse to pick up the latest colors and styles.