Natural tips to have beautiful hair

One of the most important aspects which contribute a lot to our beauty is the hair. Shiny, bouncy, healthy hair is the secret of beauty, however if you are intending to grow your hair and if you are trying to be out of damage then it is important that you follow some of the unconventional.,Consume vitamins,It is important to remember that the hair experts always make us believe that the normal speed with which eh hair grows is ½’’ per month but many of the hair experts claim that the intake of certain vitamin supplements increases the rate at which our hair grows. The intake of the vitamin supplements has increased the rate at which the hair grows to almost ¾’’ inches per month. Some of the hair supplements which I would suggest you is that it is important to note that the entire market remains flooded with the vitamin bottles which are labeled as hair marked on them, but it is important top note that not all of them are built with the same standards, first I would suggest you the intake of a multivitamin tablet that encompasses the needs of your entire body, after this you can further concentrate on the needs of the hair.,Some of the recommended hair vitamins are B complex, biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, iron, zinc, flax seed oil, black currant seed oil, kelp and silica. Incase your hair is in very poor condition then it is important to note that you can go in for amino acids, which is considered to be one of the immediate damage repair system for the dull and weak hair. Further if your body is quite nutritious then same will the results produced by your hair.,Scalp massage,One of the instant tips that can make your hair stronger is the scalp massage, if you are massaging on your scalp even five minutes per day can make your hair stronger. It is important to understand that you can massage even while you are shampooing. A massage with oil is more preferable as this will drastically increase the strength of your hair. The massage stimulates the blood supply in your hair and it is important to note that the blood brings the essential nutrients in our follicles and further scalp massage is a great stress reducer. Less stress equals to stronger and beautiful hair. The right way for massage is been listed below: first do ensure that you have pads for your fingers as nails produce damaging results. Spread your fingers wide apart on the hair, start the massage from the base of your neck and move upto the hair line, massage using the little patterns of circles. You may feel a sensation of tingly that is a good mark of improving the blood circulation.,Tie your hair up,Many people wonder as to what is the use of having long and beautiful hair when we need to tie it up. But it is important to understand the fact the more you expose your hair to sunlight, the more they are prone to damage and environmental damage. Tying it up will ensure that your hair is secured and there is not much a concern to worry.