Weight Loss and Your Smile: How Eating Healthier Can Help Your Waistline and Your Mouth

Around this time of year, many people make goals for self-improvement. Roughly half of those who make new year’s resolu6tions say they want to lose weight. Does this apply to you? Although exercise and movement definitely play a major role in weight loss, healthy eating is an essential part of successful weight loss.,But it can be difficult to muster the motivation to eat healthier if your only goal is to see the number go down on the scale. Maybe you need more substantial reasons for weight management. Well, did you know that a healthier diet can also help you have a strong, brilliant smile? In this post, you’ll learn how your goal to lose weight could also benefit your mouth, and you’ll hopefully get the drive to make your resolution last throughout 2022.,Cutting Back on Sugar,For years now, the effects of sugar on the body have been well researched. You know you should cut back on sugar and carbohydrates if you want to lose pounds. Fortunately, saying no to sugar also benefits your smile. How?,Your mouth serves as the first stage in the digestive system. Your teeth grind and break down food so that the stomach can begin processing it for your body’s use. Some bits of food, namely sugar, starches, and carbohydrates which behave like sugar, can stay behind in the mouth. Bacteria love sugar and produce eroding acids. That’s when tooth decay starts. When you eat candy, cookies, bread, crackers, and other starchy foods excessively, you increase your risk of getting cavities. On the other hand, when you limit your sugar consumption, you keep the bacteria in your mouth under control.,Getting Necessary Nutrients,In addition, if you choose to eat more nutrient-rich foods like broccoli, leafy greens, and more, you provide the vitamins and minerals your teeth and bones need to stay strong. These foods also help your body fight inflammation and infection, which comes in handy in the mouth. Fibrous fruits and vegetables also cause you to salivate more, washing away bits of food that could cause plaque formation. As a result, your teeth can stay healthy and resist decay.,Making Healthy Choices,Along with diet and exercise, if you want to lose weight, you may need to change some lifestyle choices. For instance, instead of taking the elevator, you should walk up the stairs, and you should drink more water throughout the day. Another healthy decision is to visit your dentist at least twice every year for checkups and cleanings. These appointments may be routine, but by taking the time for these visits, you ensure a healthy, infection-free mouth, allowing you to eat more nutritious foods and lose weight.,In the end, the more reasons you have to stick to your weight loss goals, the more likely you’ll be to achieve them. Keeping your mouth healthy and beautiful can help you stay on track and see progress in 2022. Plus, when you improve weight management, you’ll have plenty to smile about!