Japanese Skin Care – 3 Important Reasons Why it Works

The 3 reasons why Japanese Skin Care works is probably not going to be shocking to you. Most don’t know about the Japanese diet and the omega-3 fish oil connection. Learn how simple it is to have beautiful skin by following what this article will tell you.,Japanese Skin Care Secret,The three reasons are:,The Japanese Diet,One of the reasons (secrets) that Japanese women have beautiful skin is because of what they eat. Their meals or diet are comprised of fish (oil) and fatty acids. Sea veggies are also a big factor.,Reason #1 Fish Oil – Omega-3 Fatty Acid,Omega-3 fatty acids come from many different sources. The best sources are from the ocean and the plant world. Fish oil is an excellent means of taking in Omega-3 but be careful from where you get it. Many companies are taking advantage of the popularity of fish oil and hastily market it. More on this later.,Japan is an island nation with an ocean of fish all around. So eating fish for centuries was logical but highly beneficial for the skin and the whole body. Fish was often consumed daily soon after it was caught. Fish oil that is processed correctly and taken as a supplement can be just as beneficial. My research revealed that distilled (impurities removed) fish oil from the Hoki fish is an excellent source. See my website for complete details and health benefits.,Reason #2 Plant Omega-3 (Seaweed) Plus More,Omega-3 can be found in plants as well. Green vegetables of the leafy sort are a very good source. The Japanese eat sea vegetables such as sea kelp and seaweed, namely Wakame. Mixing quality fish oil and Wakame seaweed and other essential ingredients helps give one a youthful looking appearance. This leads us to natural skin care which should include much of the same ingredients to be effective.,Reason #3 Truly Natural Skin Care Products,You can take advantage of this simple Japanese skin care regimen by 1. Consuming Fish high in Omega-3. 2. Eating food that has Omega-3 such as Wakame seaweed. Or you can simply take a supplement containing fish oil. 3. Using real natural skin care products that have natural ingredients not synthetic.,Some companies manufacture quality fish oil and use wakame seaweed in their supplements. But consider this: What if you took a quality fish oil supplement AND used a skin care product line that has ingredients that give a beautiful appearance? A skin care product that is natural and safe and effective is the Real Reason for that youthful Japanese skin look.,The 3 Reasons,In conclusion, take note of this again: Use a quality fish oil. The one I found that is superior to all those I researched is from the Hoki fish. It is distilled for purity. The seaweed I found comes from the Sea of Japan. It is called Phytessence Wakame. The skin care product I found comes from a company in New Zealand that makes the fish oil and manufactures the skin care line. Please see my website for the complete full details.- Margaret Bell