Oster Professional Hair Clippers Review

With the launch of a revolutionary hair clipper, the John Oster Manufacturing Company, forged its path to become a favored choice for hair stylists and grooming professionals.,The company put down its roots in 1924, and today, Oster still supplies the professional hair market with extraordinary hair clippers, hair trimmers, and other hair grooming essentials. With powerful motors, heavy duty construction, and cutting-edge features, meant to simplify and improve the hair cutting process, Oster has much to offer the professional hair cutter. They are best known for the professional hair clippers. Oster Hair Clippers have long since been the standard in the industry, because they are innovative and build specifically for the salon professional.,These are some of the most popular Oster Hair Clipper models on the market.,The Oster Classic 76 Hair Clipper 76076-010: Possibly the most popular hair clipper among barbers, the Classic 76 is build for power, performance and longevity. A quick change blade system, enables the user to instantly change out the blade, which is my favorite feature.,The Oster Fast Feed Hair Clipper 76023-510: A super compact-jet powerful clipper, the Fast Feed, is a great option for a professional stylist. It is very-quite, and capable of cutting through long, short, dry and even wet hair.,The Oster Free Rider Hair Clipper 76030-010: This clipper is capable of cutting from a close (size000) to a medium length, and a ergonomically designed to reduce wrist fatigue and increase control and comfort.,The Oster Power Line Hair Clipper 76076-040: A very versatile, power plant of a clipper, the Power Line is able to cut through all hair types, textures, lengths, wet or dry. This clipper also has the quick blade system for convenience, and comes with 2 different blades, a size 00000, and a size 1.,The Oster Azteq 11 Piece & 15 Piece Hair Clipper Kits: Perfect for use at the home, the Azteq Clipper Kits, come with everything needed to cut the family’s hair. The 11 Piece contains a clipper, 6 attachment combs, a blade guard, cleaning brush, and clipper oil. The 15 Piece has everything included in the 11 Piece plus a client cape, hair cutting shears, a styling comb and a barber comb.,Osters clippers are available for home use and professional use. They are virtually unbreakable and made to cut and clip through every hair type quickly and efficiently. They offer versatile options and ease of use to the professional looking for quality, durability and innovation.