Dietary Tips on Reduced Sperm Count Caused by Chronic Prostatitis

The symptoms of chronic prostatitis are very similar to those of chronic prostatitis. They are usually mild at first, and the pain increases over time. It may be accompanied by fever or chills. If chronic prostatitis is not treated for a long time, it may affect the semen’s quality, cause reduced sperm count, and even infertility.,Why does reduced sperm affect fertility?,Generally speaking, the survival rate and quality of sperm play an essential role in the success of pregnancy preparation. A lot of men after ejaculation did not care whether there is abnormal semen, which is very easy to lead to pregnancy.,Once the amount of semen ejaculated by a man is less than two milliliters, it is considered that semen is too little. If you want to have sperm to combine with the egg smoothly, the probability is correspondingly much less. The success of pregnancy preparation is not so easy to achieve.,Besides, the number of sperm is small. In addition to being affected by food, there are also some congenital diseases, such as congenital hypogenesis of seminal vesicle, small ejaculatory duct and so on. These congenital problems need to be treated by medical treatment, and if they are killed by food, some methods can be taken.,What should spermicidal food be avoided in life?,If you want to avoid eating some spermicidal food and lead to less sperm, you need to know which foods have a spermicidal effect and try to avoid eating them in your daily diet.,Like pregnant women, coffee is also a drink that pregnant men can’t touch. Although coffee has a strong refreshing effect, it also has a strong spermicidal effect. Therefore, men preparing for pregnancy must avoid drinking some caffeinated drinks and foods.,According to a study by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, if men eat a lot of soy products, men are likely to reduce the number of sperm.,Soybean products mainly reduce the number of sperm in men through the decline of male renal function, and then affect the hormone in men, provided that men eat a lot of soybean products.,For men, drinking is the biggest harm that will lead to low androgen levels, and then make abnormal liver function. And finally, it will make men accumulate too much estrogen. Once there is too much estrogen, it will make the sperm in combination with the egg has been a premature release of body enzymes, so once the egg met, the sperm has lost vitality.,Summer is the best season for barbecue, but men must avoid it because barbecue food contains a lot of acrylamide, which will not only cause cancer but also cause men to have less sperm or sperm motility.,Although there are so many factors that affect the quantity and quality of sperm, there are also foods that can improve the quantity and quality of sperm.,Zinc containing food can help men solve the problem of less sperm, and this kind of food mainly includes beans, seafood products, animal organs, among which sea fish, yam, peanut and other effects are better.,Magnesium food can enhance the vitality of men’s sperm and help regulate the heart and lower blood pressure. It is a rare kind of food. Magnesium containing foods mainly include potatoes, oats, macaroni and so on.,In addition to diet management, the reduced sperm count caused by chronic prostatitis also requires drug treatment. To solve the problem, treat chronic prostatitis is necessary.,There are many kinds of drugs to treat chronic prostatitis, such as antibiotics, ╬▒ – receptor blockers, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, etc.. At the same time, drink more water, avoid spicy and irritating food, avoid sitting, riding, or driving for a long time, and avoid excessive masturbation.